Our Brands

In addition to producing customised white label products, developed according to the customer’s specific requirements, Coind also produces various lines of products under its own brand, which are sold directly on the market.

Each line is designed and tailored for every specific type of person, with different needs and desires, but with a single important belief: the customer should always feel pampered.

Gamma prodotti Dermalove. Prodotti cosmetici biologici per la cura della propria pelle, interamente certificati Natrue


The Dermalove range of products is formulated for body care and hygiene, which we can use to pamper ourselves and enjoy moments of relaxation with a great variety of fragrances and scents to choose from.

It is dermatologically tested and contributes to the skin’s well-being thanks to its moisturising and nourishing action. It is based on plant extracts with a cleansing action on the body.

Gamma prodotti NaturDermal. Interamente certificata Natrue e realizzata con prodotti provenienti da Agricoltura Biologica


The Naturdermal line includes a series of products for body and face care, which is intended as a complete line of products for body care. Made exclusively with organically grown and recyclable ingredients, this range of products is environmentally friendly and has a gentle action on the skin. The dermatologically tested products are available in various sizes and fragrances.

Gamma prodotti AloeVeradent. Prodotti a base di Aloe Vera per adulti e per bambini, interamente certificati Natrue


With Aloe Vera extracts and without added chemicals, the Aloeveradent line is suitable for dental care and oral hygiene. Designed for sensitive teeth with a whitening action, Aloeveradent toothpastes are a remedy for tooth and gum problems and are also suitable for children. Aloeveradent products ensure a fresh breath and long-lasting protection against tooth decay. The Aloeveradent line is dermatologically tested.

Gamma prodotti Amobio per la cosmesi naturale. Crema biologica per corpo, mani e viso interamente certificata Natrue


The AmoBio products are designed for hand, body and face care. To produce AmoBio creams, only natural and mainly plant-based raw materials are used, which moisturise the skin and restore its radiance. As the name suggests, Amobio products contain ingredients sourced from organic farming. The AmoBio line is dermatologically tested.