Our approach

Our approach

Coind Cosmetics suports his customers offering a full service, taking care of every detail of the product, from the preliminary study of new trends, research for the best formulations and innovative packagings, till the launch of the finished product in the market, with respect of the highest quality levels.


The PLUS of the PRIVATE LABEL projects developed by COIND COSMETICS:

•      Study of products: personalised formulations and new concepts, starting from the evaluation of the most innovative active ingredients.

•      Developing customised packagings such as caps, bottles and secondary packagings, thanks to the in-house design office.

•      Conducting dermatological tests and providing support for claims in cooperation with universities and specialized private laboratories.

•      Private label production with medium and high productivity lines depending on the volumes required.

•      Supporting the development and choice of marketing elements: packaging and artwork.

•      Quality control: scientific tests, analyses and certifications.

•      Regulatory and legislative assistance: CPNP, PIFs and safety data sheets.