The quality of Coind’s products is of paramount importance. This is why only the finest raw materials are used, which are carefully monitored throughout the production process.

The starting point is the attention towards the water used, a true “ingredient” contained in each formulation, which is processed with a state-of-the-art ultrafiltration system. By using osmotised water, no external agents of any kind interfere in the production of cosmetics. This ensures high hygiene standards at every stage of product creation.

The company Coind Cosmetics monitors the state of its water to keep the salt content low and ensure the quality of the finished cosmetic product. This process, which is called reverse osmosis , is intended to protect water from pesticides, viruses and bacteria. The use of microbiologically pure water is essential for creating a cosmetic product that is not harmful to health. The technicians of Co.Ind’s in-house laboratory constantly monitor the microbiological purity of the water used during each phase of the production process.

Our laboratory is also capable of monitoring product quality, carrying out all the necessary analyses. Our Laboratory is equipped with incubators, which allow the bacterial load of each batch to be controlled, inoculating directly on the target, cleaning work areas and sanitising instruments. The staff rigorously sanitises all the bottles and production plants, eliminating any residues that may lead to the growth of bacteria, ensuring proper sanitation of the entire laboratory.

By measuring the bacterial load, the cosmetic product is protected from contamination that would make it harmful to health. By continuously conducting analysis on machinery, we can prevent the formation of bacteria and check that cosmetics are properly produced. All machinery is cleaned and sanitised according to specific rules set out by the competent bodies for safeguarding customers’ health and hygiene.