Research & Development

Research & Development

Research and Development, Coind’s true mainstay, is constantly focused on the design of new cosmetic formulations that are increasingly safe, effective and functional.

Our laboratory consists of highly specialised technicians and is equipped for all phases of product development (competition analysis, packaging analysis, UVA PF, in vitro SPF, content/container stability).

Together with Italian Universities and specialist laboratories, we also carry out sensory, pleasantness and tolerability tests, as well as stability, challenge and patch tests.

Raw materials

We continuously test cutting-edge raw materials, which we select on the basis of their performance effectiveness, toxicological profile and skin tolerability.

All our cosmetics are made with top quality ingredients, high-quality oils and natural active principles.


Today, we are active in most cosmetic sectors with a high level of technical and regulatory expertise. We offer customised solutions especially designed for the markets, channels and specifications of interest, always choosing original approaches.

This has enabled Coind Cosmetics to become a benchmark company for the development of new cosmetic products, formulated with full respect for human health and the environment.